Micro Arb Truck
Micro Arb Truc - FAQs

Typical questions on the micro ARB truc are listed below if you have any other questions please feel free to either call or email us.

    Q – will the micro ARB truc fit through a side gate?
        A – Yes with ease, in fact it will fit through a standard house door (NB; when fitted with twin wheel kit this does actually increase the micro ARB truc width!). The Micro Arb Truc width measures from 28”/715mm to 38”/965mm.

    Q - How easy is it to add and remove the twin wheels on the micro arb truck?
        A - It is quick and simple to do, you require a 19mm open ended spanner, to add the 2nd wheel to each side you simply undo the 4 wheel nuts but keep the wheel in situ, then position and slide over the twin wheel spacer using the correction holes, then using the wheel nuts just removed tighten this to the wheel, then simply slide the 2nd /twin wheel (remember to have the air valve on the outside and the wheel tread pattern in the right direction, this is clearly marked by a “rotation arrow” on the tyre), using the additional 4 wheel nuts tighten the outer wheel, repeat on other side, job done, takes about 5 minutes to add or remove the twin wheels

    Q - Can twin wheels on the micro arb truck be fitted to the front and back axles?
        A - Yes, in exactly the same way as described in Q2, this offers the machine even greater traction and stability

    Q – Is it easy to steer?
        A – Yes, you steer the micro ARB truc just like you would a normal wheelbarrow, because the load is positioned over the middle wheels and front wheels/axle, this means, it in fact becomes slightly lighter to steer when loaded
    Q – What attachments are available for the micro ARB truc?
        A – At the moment the range of attachments available are; Arb Trough, Arb Trailer/Wood Cart (hand pull and towable), Log Arches (3 sizes), 12vDC upgrade for winching and powering any 12vDC products such as sprayers, Fertiliser/Grit Spreader, Ball/Pin Hitch, Weight Kit, Flat bed, Skip Extensions, Twin Wheel Kits (front and back axles can be fitted), Power Lifter, Interchangeable Axles for the arb trailer/wood cart (narrow and wide) etc.

    Q – How do you change gear or direction?
        A – You must first stop driving the micro ARB truc and be stationary, then you select which gear you want using the gear change lever, there are 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed
    Q – How fast does the micro ARB truc go?
        A – First gear is very slow for manoevering around a sharp turn, typically a side alley into a back garden.
              2nd Gear is a slightly faster pace than Gear 1
              3rd Gear is a controlled and sensible pace, fast enough in most situations
              4th Gear is mainly used in open areas where the ground is generally flat and no tight turns are required, this is a good steady walking place.
    Q – Do you have any other tree surgeons that I can talk to about the micro ARB truc?
        A – Definitely, since we launched the product to the arboricultural industry we have had excellent feedback both as a standard machine and also where some customers have used some of the attachments, to the point that we are developing more bespoke attachments to further enhance the benefits to the tree surgery industry.

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