Micro Arb Truck

Micro Arb Truc Video Footage

Arb Truck hitched to the Arb Trailer loaded with several long lengths of timber weighing approximately 600 kilograms

Tree and Forestry company, Woodpoint Ltd trial the ever popular Micro Arb Truck, using it to thin out young trees from a very large woodland estate in Berkshire. moving 1m3 load at a time over some undulating terrain the micro arb truck hitched to the mini arb trailer performed well.
100 feet of Western Hemlock trees taken down in woodlands and transported by the Micro Arb Truck, with low ground impact this video shows how easy, versatile the Micro Arb Truck is for tree surgeons and woodland owners
Micro Arb Truck fitted with the Arb Trough and bolster arms in narrow position transporting lengths of wood through a gate and along a narrow pathway. Ideal for Tree Surgeons that need to extract timber from a garden to the arb truck
Micro Arb Truck fitted with arb trough
Tree Surgeons Pete & Tim lifting lengths of wood in the arb trailer with the drawbar/handle in it`s lowered position. Due to the arb trailer having the 3 wheel rolling motion, the actual timber can be hand push from a garden through narrow paths or gates out to the arb truck, minimum effort from the operator and a great way to reduce time and mess on the job
Micro Arb truc and Arb Trailer
Micro Arb Truc and Arb Trailer carrying Dumpy bags of logs
Micro Arb Trailer Documentary
Micro Arb Truc and Log Arch
Micro Arb truc with Skip & Trough
Ken Scarlett from Scarlett Arbor uses the Micro Arb Truck to winch a 300kgs Oak Tree Trunk in his woodland

Micro Arb Truck set up with it`s onboard 12 Volt DC (high specification) battery pack supplies the power to winch a 40 foot long felled tree on a single line dead weight pulled. An ideal solution woodland owners where access and wood extraction involves steep bank etc.

The winch can also be used with the log arch and skidding aid further inproving it`s capability

Arb Trailer (Brash Cart) being loaded with brash. In this video we had limited amounts of brash, however you can load the arb trailer 2 or 3 times, by using racket straps and the securing hooks fitted you can move huge amounts and because the cart is on a unique 3 wheel set up it is easy for the tree surgeon to move, this reduces the amount of times needed to clear a garden

Tip - Use the micro arb truck fitted with the arb trough for moving the lengths of timber and the arb trailer hitched to get the brash from the garden.

Tip - Or just use the arb trailer for both seperately

The Arb Trailer
Micro Arb Trailer Arms
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