Micro Arb Truck
Micro Arb Truc Specification

Micro ARB Truc (Standard Unit)

Drive Set Up 4-Wheel Drive
Engine Honda (Commercial) GXV 4-stroke, 160cc, 5,5HP
Transmission Peerless Transaxle - 4 forward / 1 reverse gears
Fuel Standard Unleaded Petrol
Wheels / Tyres 4 x 10 inch front & rear - 2 x 4" Powerdrive
Parking Brake Disc
Noise Rating 79dB
Capacity 8 cu ft: 365kgs / 800 lbs skip carrying capacity
Dimensions Length 64" / 1625 mm
Width 28" / 711mm
Height 36" / 914mm
Weight 140 kg Unlaiden (standard machine fitted with skip only)

Micro ARB Truc - Attachments Description

Arb Trough Trough base unit replaces skip. Permanently fixed headboard, 4 bolster arms (multi-position) with 4 bag hooks.
Arb Trailer
(Narrow or Wide Axle)
Trough base trailer, hand-pulled and/or towable. 4 Multi-position bolster arms, easily changeable with multiple fitting positions for a variety of applications. Bag hooks included. Includes quick-release jockey wheel system.
Log Arch Small, Medium & Large.
Power Lifter

Scissor lift/lower action fitted with it`s own individual deep cycle battery pack (33 AH @ 20 Hr).

Twin Front Wheel Kit

2 extra 10” wheels and a securing kit, once the additional extension bolts are fitted it is very quick and easy to add/remove the front twin wheel kit.

Weight Kit 2 x 3 weights equally mounted on handle bars.
Ball Hitch

Skip mounted 50mm ball hitch fits to the front of the skip slotting into 4 location holes and secured by a lynch pin.

Arb Trailer
Wide & Narrow Axle Kits
Interchangeable axle kits for arb trailer.
Narrow axle kit: Axle width 700mm / 690 kg capacity
Wide axle kit: Axle width 970mm / 850 kg
12V DC Power Pack
(Self Charging)
Fitted battery pack charges whilst engine is in operation. Includes small and large Anderson connections.
Sealed Spill-proof battery. 12V / 50AH / CCA 750A
12V DC Power Pack
(Manual Charging)
Fitted battery with terminals for connection to battery charger. Includes small and large Anderson connections.
Sealed Spill-proof battery. 12V / 50AH / CCA 750A
Snow Plough 1200mm wide blade fits to front of skip.
Flat Bed

Frame constructed of heavy duty steel. The base and back board are marine ply. It fits instead of the skip and takes just seconds to swap from 1 to the other, the base of the flat bed sits slightly higher than the drive wheels so larger, wide and awkward loads can be carried such as railway sleepers, reels of fencing etc

Extension Sides

3 pieces bolted together using 8 x Ny-lock nuts, bolts and washers

Turf Tyres Kit

Similar to the twin wheel kit to fit but the difference is that you remove the original pleated wheels completely to fit the turf tyre spacers first and then the actual turf tyre rims themselves (takes about 10 to 15 minutes to change all 4.
Firstly, you lift the micro arb truck up at 1 end and support the machine with a jack or something similar, this can be done by pushing down or lifting the handle bars dependent on which you do first, front or rear turf tyres (please note it is the operators responsibility to ensure the machine is safe and stable when carrying out this procedure). Remove the original wheels by undoing the 4 wheel nuts and slide off both wheels, then slide on the spacers and secure using the original 4 wheel nuts, then simply slide on the turf tyres and secure these with the 4 additional wheel nuts supplied.

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