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Customer Feedback

If you are a customer and have any photos, video and/or comments on the micro ARB truc, we would be delighted to hear from you, please email us at info@microarbtruck.co.uk where our team will be happy to assess the content and upload to the site.

We are always keen for feedback on how you are using your micro ARB truc, particularly any awkward jobs where it made the job easier and quicker, please remember to mention any micro ARB truc attachments that you used and how they were of benefit.

Chris Frankland – Frankland Tree Services, Altrincham, Cheshire

Keith, just to say the arboretum in Chester where your micro arb truck and attachments are working is doing a grand job.
75% of the woodland has a network of narrow pathways, many on quite steep slopes, the groundsman  has commented “due to the arb trucks versatility I can achieve the work of 5 men due to the micro arb truck and the arb attachments" ( arb trailer, twin wheel kit, ball hitch and small ifor Williams P6E trailer)
One of many examples where it proved its worth – a medium sized oak was blown over half way up the hillside lifting the roots leaving a large hole half way across the pathway, this required about 1000 kgs to backfill and open the path again, the micro arb truck and one man did the job in two hours VERSUS two long, hard days with barrows and staff that would have been completely shattered at the end of it
It is being used for many tasks Keith, when I saw it at the APF last year I could see it potential. Happy to be a reference for any potential new customers you have, good luck with your business, good product and good service, Chris Frankland

Andy & Elspeth Gibbs, Bathgate, West Lothian

Andy & Elspeth first saw the micro arb truck at the 2012 APF show, a few months after we ordered the arb truck and many of it`s attachments including the trough, trailer/hand cart, skip extensions for handing the wood, the flat bed has been used on the farm side more , being retired livestock farmers we have a 140 acre woodland of conifers mainly on a hillside and need the arb truck to extract for fire wood. We have an ongoing planting programme, keep a few horses and are doing ongoing building work! This was why we bought so many of the extras, a real adaptable multi purpose tool. I`m sure the snow plough in particular up here is going to be “worth it`s weight in gold” when winter comes lol

Peter Hall, Fowberry Estate, Northumberland - (Confor members)

We bought our Micro Arb Truck with the extension sides just over a year ago, we run a private woodland estate of 190 acres
We have used the micro arb truck to great effect due to it`s low ground impact, yet ability to cope with poor terrain, some of our woodland is on sloping ground with tight access! Examples are thinning and planting where access with larger machines is just not possible. We have also used it some building renovation work.
Very pleased with our investment, a simple to operate, useful bit of kit

Steve Launchbury, SL Tree Care, West Kingsdown, Kent - (Arb Association members)

We have had our micro arb truck and power lifter attachment 2 years now, I had borrowed a fellow tree surgeons machine and lifter (Ross Robinson) and as you know Keith, we rang and ordered ours straight away
Tree surgeons require equipment that can save time on the job and fatigue on the men, we have experienced many benefits from our arb truck and lifter, here are just a few examples where it has have proved invaluable
When we are working in long gardens and/or with sloping ground it makes getting the wood out into our transit so much quicker and easier, each load is stacked high reducing time on the job

  1. Dartford council job – we chipped into the micro arb truck skip, had to dump the wood chippings into our transit, to do this we had to negotiate a very long zigzag pathway at some distance from our transit van, it was narrow and sloping in places but the micro arb truck made the job very quick and easy. Infact Essential Arb wrote a 2 page feature article in their magazine
  2. We took down a big Norway Maple, when we came to the last 12 feet which was 2 feet 6 inches in diameter we cut it into four 3 foot lengths, probably weighing about 200 kilogram’s a piece, two men rolled the wood onto the arb trucks power lifter, drove out and up our ramps into the van, the alternative if we didn`t have the micro arb truck and lifter would have been to spend a lot more time sawing and make a lot more mess adding time to the job and my lads would be more fatigued at the end of the day
  3. We have also moved old 8 feet recycled railway sleepers into gardens on a few occasions, we can put 2 sleepers lengthways on the skip, racket strap them down, could you imagine us moving them manually!
  4. Of course, one of the first jobs it did was my own very large fishpond dig out, as you know it was driven off the edge of a platform and fell six feet, the engine was still running and I drove it straight out and it`s been working ever since

When we applied for our Arboricultoral Association membership, one of the points they particularly liked was the micro arb truck and powerlifter and the fact that I was reducing the manual handling on the lads and the benefits it gave to the customer
Keith, I wouldn`t be without the arb truck now, a great addition to our range of machinery, please feel free to use us as a reference, the product and your service was first class, Steve

Bob Dorling, Kings Lynn, Norfolk (Private Woodland Owner)

Our woodland is 3 miles from our home and 7 and a half acres, therefore being able to transport the micro arb truck in our trailer is ideal, we don`t even require ramps, it just climbs in and out itself, once the trees have been cut down with the chainsaw we cut down to lengths approximately 12 to 18 inches averaging 12 inch diameter sections, the wood is then transported in the arb truck which copes very well, compared to when we did the job manually I would say we are moving three times more each load and with minimum effort, those stats speak for themselves, well worth the money, handling wood became a whole lot easier when we recieved our micro arb truck

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