Micro Arb Truck


For Timber lengtsh the two main options are:-
1. Arb trailer and the micro arb truck, the wood can be either hand lifted by 2 people with log jaw grips or handling tongs, slide up the 2 x bolster arm side ramps, tilt the wood into the arb trailer like you would use a trolley/sack barrow, or using the winch mounted on the micro arb truc and lifting winch aid the trailer when mounted to the arb truck can be used as a mini forwarder

2. Log Arch – can be used manually or hitched to the micro arb truck. Handling heavier wood lengths fully suspended up to 4 M and lighter trees up to 12M when dragged. 20M lengths can be moved if using the micro arb truck with both a log arch and arb trailer where the load becomes the link/chassis between the arch and trailer


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