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Welcome Tree Surgeons and Woodland Owners!

Introducing the Micro Arb Truc, the latest development of the well-known Muck Truck Max Dumper, designed with a range of unique features and equipment options specifically for Tree Surgeons and Woodland Owners as a reliable and useful labour-saving device.

The Micro Arb Truc company is a devision of Fresh Group Products Ltd who have been supplying the Building & Landscaping industry for years with the Muck Truck range of products.

In early 2011 one of our Tree Surgeon customers suggested that we design some bespoke attachments and market these with the drive unit into the Arboricultoral Industry for handling wood in various sizes and formats and with other Arb machinery.....here was the start of the Micro Arb Truc and it`s specialist attachments for the Arborists and Woodland owners.

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Where access to a customer`s garden is a problem or the terrain is made up of steep gradients or even both, then the micro ARB truc is ideal for getting the job done with speed and ease ensuring that a lot of time, money and operator effort is kept to a minimum compared to doing the jobs manually.

Customers have reported that dependent of the type of job and attachments they are using, the time saving element can be as much as 5 to 6 times.

The user is not breaking his back getting the job done using the micro ARB truc compared to doing it manually!

The Micro Arb Truc Range      
Standard Unit
Micro Arb Truc
Arb Trough with Bolster Arms
Arb Trough With Bolster Arms
Arb Trailer with Bolster Arms
Arb Trailer with bolster arms
Log Arch
Log Arch
Twin Wheel Kit
Twin Wheel Kit
Weight Kit
Ball Hitch (Skip Mounted)
Ball Hitch for Towing
Skip Extensions
Skip Extensions
Micro Arb Truc Standard Machine      
Micro Arb Truc

Micro Arb Truc with standard skip
Micro Arb Truc Standard Unit

The standard Micro Arb Truc is supplied with a skip with a load capacity of 365 kgs/8CuFt.

It is only 28” / 715mm wide, and fits through side gates with ease, fitted with the powerful, reliable Honda (Commercial grade) GXV160/5.5HP engine, allowing it to cope with inclines up to 30°.

Arb Trough With Bolster Arms      
Arb Trough

Arb Trough

Arb Trough

The Arb Trough fits in place of the skip, with the back plate is permantly fixed.

This is a bespoke attachment for both woodland owners and tree surgeons. The unique multi position bolster arms and bag hooks, coupled with the pivoting trough with strap securing points, fixed back plate offers many easy ways to handle timber lengths up to 1.6M/2M and a 1 cuM duppy bag, great for chipping into or log handling etc

The Bolster Arm Positions
Narrow – to keep load within 28”/715mm for side gate access
Standard – Ideal for more volume, please note dependent on load weight and terrain twin wheels and weight kit may be required for stability. It is also in this position that the bag hooks can be fitted and a 1CuM builders/Duppy bag can be used, ideal for chipping into or handling logs
Wide – Twin wheels are recommended in this position and the transporting of light loads.

Arb Trailer With Bolster Arms      

Arb Trailer - Hand Pull Wood Cart – (Hand pull and towable bespoke design)
The trailer/cart is an emulation of the arb trough but on wheels, with some unique features, these being:-

  1. Quick change handle position – from hand pull to towable drawbar position in seconds!
  2. Side ramp bars for loading long, heavy timbers, can be pulled or pushed by hand  or towable using the micro arb truck or another power source, great if on slopes etc
  3. Changeable axles, narrow axle set up for the urban jobs where access into the rear garden is restricted. Wide axle on balloon tyres for use in a woodland environment
  4. 3 wheel rolling effect by use of a quick release jockey wheel, ideal for using when as a hand pull wood cart, then simply remove the jockey wheel when using as a towable cart in the woodland where terrain is uneven etc

It comes with the multi position bolster arms and bag hooks and strap securing points like the arb trough, on the trailer the wide position is particularly useful for handling very large amounts of brush, particularly when the user straps down 2 or 3 loads, this considerably reduces the amount of times needed to transport the brush from a customers garden. Also great for handling small logs, lengths of wood up to 6M, used with the micro arb truck, log arch and arb trailer it can handle fully suspended approximately 18M lengths of timber, with the bolster arms and bag hooks it can also be used with a 1 cubic metre bag (dumpy bag) for chipping in to or transporting logs

Log Arch      

A must have if you want to handle very long lengths of timber, it can handle single and multiple lengths, simply position the arch so the heavy end is lifted up by the winch under the front of the arch, lengths up to 4M can be fully suspended or much longer lengths can be dragged or dollied using the arb trailer, lengths of 60/70 feet can be handled

Twin Wheel Kit      
Offering extra stability when required, the twin-wheel kit is quick and easy to fit and remove. If working in a woodland environment we strongly recommend that the twin wheel setup is necessary, for urban jobs where driving through a side gate is required they can be quickly removed giving the user the best of both worlds
Weight Kit      
Sometimes it is necessary to counterbalance the load, particularly when fully loaded with the arb trailer or log arch improving traction.
Ball Hitch      
Very quick to fit and remove, great for transporting a chipper, log splitter and trailers in narrow access areas, our customers regularly use it to move their Timberwolf 150 chippers, being skip mounted when extra traction is required you can fill the skip to give move downward pressure on the load wheels
Skip Extension Sides      
The side extensions are made of 3 parts and are easily fitted to the skip. Increasing the volume from 8CuFt to 11 CuFt Ideal for increasing the load capacity where the weight density is no so heavy per CuFt, such as wood chippings, logs and rings, it does depend on the wood type and whether wet, semi dry or dry to how high to load
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