Micro Arb Truck


Standard Microarbtruck Supplied With Fitted Skip Extension Sides for Larger Log Carrying Capacity Arbtrough & Trailer with Larger Log Lengths and Heavier Loads Arbtrough & Trailer with Builder's Bag Carrier Hooks

Logs vary in size and weight. People have different views to “when does a log become a length of timber?”

Well, either way the Micro Arb Truck is designed as a low impact, powerful micro mover for handling logs of many shapes, sizes and weights

3 options are:-

Arb trough for handling logs that are 1.6m long, if strapping the load, up to 2m can be achieved. If a side gate access to a customer`s garden is the issue then the bolster arms set in the narrow position is the answer, the load can be stacked in the same direction. When using in a woodland environment then the load can be stacked sideways or straight on, please note that the micro arb truck should only be used in a woodland set up with the twin front wheels fitted for stability, also the weight kit can be useful for this application. The arb trough can also be used with the bag hooks and a 1CuM duppy bag be filled with logs and transported

Micro arb truck fitted with the skip can be filled with logs, a greater load can be obtained by the fitting of the skip extensions, dependent on terrain conditions the micro arb trucks twin wheel kit is also a good addition.

Arb Trailer/Hand Cart – Can be used in the same way as the arb trough for log handling but as a towable unit or hand pull cart switching from one to the other in seconds without removing or swapping parts.


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