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Start Your Micro Arb Truc

Maintain Your Micro Arb truc

Assemble and fit the Extension Sides to the micro ARB truc

Assemble and fit the Power Lifter to the micro ARB truc

Assemble and fit the Tow Ball Hitch to the Skip

Using The Arb trailer/Hand Pull Cart

Assemble and fit standard Flat Platform

Assemble and fit the Twin Front Wheel Kit

Swap from the Skip, Flat Bed, Trough Base

• Start your Micro ARB Truc

  • Fill with standard unleaded petrol, to do this tip the skip forward (it tipped position) to gain access to the petrol filler, fill to the level of the red plastic indicator inside the filler tank (it is easier when using a can a flexible tube or funnel with a flexible tube
  • Dependent on the strength of the operator the correct positioning and technique for starting any pull start/recoil engine has more relevance. Okay, push the throttle/start level (located on the topside of the right handle bar) fully forward, you will notice that the last bit has a slight resistance this indicates that the choke is on (required when starting from cold)
  • Starting positioning and technique – Example given is based on a right handed person. The left hand is positioned as an anchor point on the arb truck top plate, position your body sideways onto the machine with your feet approximately 2 Ft apart with your left foot in the forward position, this now creates a lot of strength through your body and hips when you pull the start cord/recoil, next take up the tension of the pull cord till you get resistance (this is known as the biting point) it is important to hold that position, at this point pull the cord firmly and fast as you can past your right shoulder, repeat if necessary. If started from cold the engine will “splutter” because the choke is on, let the engine run for approximately 10 secounds like this (do not leave in this position as the engine will stall/stop), then pull the throttle back slightly so it is on full revs with the choke in the off position, the engine revs can be reduced to “tick over” when not driving, you must increase the revs to full when driving the micro arb truck and select the appropriate gear for the speed you require




• Maintain your micro ARB truc

  • This can be done yourself or any good lawn mower repair/service centre
  • Check the oil level regularly, the dip stick screws out and has a series of xxxxxx, the oil should at or near to the top x
  • Ensure the petrol is not “stale” particularly if the micro ARB truc is being used after a long period of time, ONLY USE standard unleaded petrol
  • Service/change the oil, air filter and spark plug according to the Honda manual



• Assemble and fit the Extension Sides to the micro ARB truc (It has three parts)

  • Using the ny-lock nuts, bolts and washers fix the two side panels to the top edges of the skip where the two pre-drilled holes are positioned, at this point do not tighten them up fully
  • Position the third panel in line with the pre-drilled holes on the two panels just fitted and tighten up the nuts, bolts and washers, doing the same with the side panels



• Assemble and fit the Power Lifter to the micro ARB truc

  • Please note the power lifter fits to the micro arb truc on its own
  • It is quite heavy, so please take care!
  • Ensure the lynch pinis removed from its locating hole where the skip normally fits
  • Now, using the wheels, carefully wheel the power lifter up to the micro arb truc lining up to the two locating stubbs (where the skip normally fits) and slide the power lifter over them, when in position fix the lynch pin to stop the power lifter slipping off its mounting points.



• Assemble and fit the Tow Ball Hitch to the Skip

  • The skip must be fitted to the micro ARB truc
  • Line up and slide the 4 locating pins on the ball hitch frame into the corresponding 4 holes on the front of the skip
  • Now fit the lynch pin through the lower offside (as you look at the skip from the front) locating stubb on the frame to stop it sliding out




Using The Arb trailer/Hand Pull Cart

Switch from hand pull to towable position and vice the versa:
Remove locking pin and adjust the angle/rake of the drawbar to the horizontal position, replace locking pin. Remove pin from the handle and swivel round and replace locking pin, it is now in a towable set up. It is advisable to remove the jockey wheel when towing as it can easily get damage over undulating ground, to remove simple unwind the securing clamp fully to release the jockey wheel, to replace simply reverse the process. To switch back to a hand pull set up just reverse the process.

Using the ramp legs for sliding up heavy lengths of wood into the trailer:
Simply slide two of the legs in to the side slots so you now have in effect a two- piece sliding ramp (Great for shifting long heavy timbers).

Lifting big logs like a “sack trolley” action:
Simply tip the trailer/cart into an up right position against the wood you want to move (strap if necessary) and tip back the load, because of the jockey wheel (3 wheel rolling effect) you can either hand pull or push the load (the body is not taking any weight load




• Assemble and fit standard Flat Platform

  • Repeat the same process as for the “adjustable platform carrier"



• Assemble and fit the Twin Front Wheel Kit

  • You require a 19mm open ended spanner
  • Undo the 4 wheel nuts but keep the wheel in situ
  • Position and slide over the twin wheel spacer using the correction holes
  • Using the wheel nuts just removed tighten this to the wheel
  • Simply slide the 2nd wheel (remember to have the air valve on the outside and the wheel tread pattern in the right direction, this is clearly marked by a “rotation arrow” on the tyre)
  • Using the additional 4 wheel nuts tighten the outer wheel, repeat on other side, job done, takes about 5 minutes to add or remove the twin wheels
  • Remember when you tighten the wheel nuts that they need to be fitted the correct way, the chamfered edge seats neatly against the wheels THIS IS IMPORTANT otherwise the wheels can work loose




Swap from the skip, flat bed, trough base on the micro ARB truc

  • To remove the currently fitted item, tip the item forward by pulling the right hand lever on the handle bar this releases the locking catch so you can tip the item fully forward (tipped position)

  • Take out the lynch pin and slide off the unwanted attachment (skip etc)

  • Reverse the process by sliding on the flat bed etc and fitting the lynch pin.







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